Cornish Cod, à la Grenobloise

bamix® Recipes: Cornish Cod, à la Grenobloise

(Serves x4)

Grenobloise sauce

250 brown butter
1/2 juice lemon
750g milk
150g bread trims

First make the beurre noisette by browning the butter in a pan whisking
occasionally until the butter resembles a nut brown colour.
Then add the lemon juice & leave to cool slightly.
Toast off your bread trim & gently warm the milk. Add the trims & infuse for
5 minutes. Pass off & add to the brown butter. Season.
Foam the sauce with a Bamix.

500g crushed ratte potatoes
100g brown butter
100g butter
1 tsp capers
1tsp croutons
A dash of sherry vinegar

Cook the potatoes in salted water.
Peel & lightly crush with a fork .
Season with salt and sherry vinegar.
Add the capers & croutons on top

100g cod fillet per person
Season & steam
Finish with the lemon zest and lemon segments